7 Essential Keys to Planning Your Novel: Story Preparation for Pansters (part one)

A Talk by BETH BARANY (Creativity Coach for Writers)

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In this hands-on presentation, Beth will help you brainstorm the steps to create your novel—from character development to plot structure to story themes and world building—so you can start writing your novel with clarity and confidence.

[Note: in this recorded session, Beth and Daniel worked through a novel idea of Daniel's in CONSIDERABLE depth. Beth guided Daniel from the vaguest ideas of his story to a detailed plan. It's amazing to watch! However, as a result, the conversation went long, and so we have split this presentation in two. The second part airs at 7pm tonight (NYC time zone).]

She'll do bite-sized exercises step-by-step to help you stretch your imagination and get excited about the writing process.

If you have never written a novel, still feel lost on how to go from brilliant idea to The End, or always hit that sagging middle and lose focus, this hands-on interview presentation will help you dream up exciting ways to torture, er challenge, your characters all the way to the resolution of the story.

She'll help you brainstorm your story’s:

• Theme and Issue • Character Arc • World Building • Essential Story Elements • Essential Elements of a Scene

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22 October 2020, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

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Creativity Coach for Writers

Award-winning Novelist, Creativity Coach, Teacher, Maser NLP Practitioner