What is the Plot Pass?

Live access to the summit is free. However, 24 hours after each talk, the replays are locked. If you want life-time access to the recordings, you should get the "Plot Pass."

Here's what the Plot Pass involves.

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Life-time access to replays

life-time access
You'll receive life-time access to all the presentations.

Watch Party

As a group, we'll watch up to five of the presentations together, in a Zoom room. I'll play the video, we'll chat about it, ask questions, suggest lessons, eat popcorn. We'll vote on the five talks you most want to see.

(Popcorn not included.)

Follow-up Masterclass #1: Plan a Political Thriller-Romance (With Kris Kennedy)

Daniel and Kris Kennedy sketch out the major turns and twists of a political thriller / romance. Daniel proposes a novel idea, and Kris advises how to plot out the turning points and also how to decide which genre (political thriller or romance) should be primary in the story.

Follow-up masterclass #2: tell your memoir like a story (With LinDa LOWen)

Linda follows up her presentation on plot and structure in non-fiction with a detailed, hands on masterclass. 

Follow-up Masterclass #3: The Dual POV mystery (with Derek Murphy)

Many writers want to construct stories with dual plots, multiple protagonists, and braided narratives. Watch Derek warn of the pitfalls of such approaches and point out how these plot structures, seemingly simple, can lead you to getting deeply stuck. Then he and Daniel plot out how to make such a novel work: a tale of an American father arriving in Guatemala to investigate his son's disappearance. Derek explains when to switch POV and how to invest those scenes with tension and meaning.

Follow-up Masterclass #4: character-first revision (With Michael Noltemeyer)

Did you enjoy Daniel's sessions on character-first writing? Watch this hands-on revision session between Daniel and his writing partner, Michael Noltemeyer, looking at a real rough draft scene from a novel Daniel is writing. Michael first explains how Daniel has failed, in this specific scene, to follow the character-first method (a method that was Daniel's invention -- this is a little embarrassing). He shows how to clarify character reactions, weave in extra narration, and re-sequence the scene. You'll see both the first draft and the revised version, and Michael's commentary on how Daniel's revised version fixes the original problems.

Follow-up Masterclass #5: Battle Scenes (With Alina Boyden)

Alina builds on her fantastic discussion of fight scenes to discuss how to design a compelling battle scene — and reveals the easiest way to make your battle scene fall flat.

Sentence Craft, by Don Stewart

Don teaching sentences
The master sentence-crafter, Don Stewart, teaches a detailed class on writing style. See how the legendary techniques of Francis Christensen — the cumulative sentence and generative grammar — can transform your voice on the page.

Fiction Club, by Mark Spencer

The follow-up guide (pdf) to Mark's talk on using small details and motifs in your plot. This guide walks you through the process and shows you how to make your stories more memorable.

One free month of Writing Mastery Academy, by Jessica Brody 

Writing Mastery Academy
Save the Cat Writes a Novel is one of the most famous craft-of-fiction guides ever written. Jessica couldn't join us for the conference, but she wanted to offer all the Plot Pass holders a free month's access to her writing courses.

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