Tim Hickson

Getting the first chapter right — let's talk about scene structure

A Talk by Tim Hickson (Hello Future Me)

About this Talk

Introduce your character. Establish the setting. Establish the conflict. Show don't tell. Give every scene a purpose. Create a brilliant hook.

There are a million things people say you need in your first chapter. Let's simplify that. We will also talk through scene structure and how to use it to make every story beat as effective as possible.

23 October 2020, 09:00 PM

09:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Tim Hickson

Tim Hickson

Hello Future Me

My book, On Writing and Worldbuilding, has sold over 22,000 copies since May 2019 and has consistently remained in the top 10 books for Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary Criticism, often at #1. I have LLB and a BA with a double major in English and Philosophy, and have grown my business centered around writing and worldbuilding for the last few years.